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UNESCO World Heritage Skellig Island’s and Valentia Island Lighthouse Cruise

Our Skellig Lighthouse and Valentia Island Lighthouse Cruise offers you an opportunity to experience these stunning Marine Heritage sites from the coastline from our boat The Myra Michelle.

Valentia Island Lighthouse is a majestic structure and has earned its place as one of The Tweleve Great Lighthouses of Ireland. Valentia Island Lighthouse sits on the site of the 17th century Cromwell Fleetwood Fort, which guarded against the threat of invaders right up to the 19th century.

The Skellig Lighthouse is one of the main sea lights off the South West coast and is located on the outer and larger of the Skellig rocks; eight miles (12.8km) from the nearest mainland point, North East of Puffin Island.


  • Cruises Depart from the Marina in Knightstown, Valentia Island
  • Commences with cruise around Valentia Island Lighthouse at Cromwell Point
  • Continues on to The Skellig Rock Lighthouse and includes cruises around the Skellig Islands and Puffin Island
  • Returns to the Marina at Valentia Island by 12.30 pm
  • Trips are subject to availability and weather conditions