Skellig Michael Tours

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UNESCO World Heritage Skellig Islands and Puffin Island Cruise

Cruise the Wild Atlantic Way to The Skellig Islands ; location for the recent filming of The Epic Star Wars series and location of the world renowned Skellig Michael.

The first reference to the Skelligs occurs in legend when it is given as the burial place of Ir, son of Milesius, who was drowned during the landing of the Milesians. A text from the eighth or ninth century refers to an episode of strife between the Kings of West Munster and the Kings of Cashel. Duagh, King of West Munster is said to have ‘fled to Scellecc’. This event is attributed to the fifth century but we have no means of knowing if a settlement existed on the island at that time.

Monks on Skellig Michael

A monastery may have been founded as early as the sixth century, reputedly by Saint Fionán, but the first definite reference to monks on the Skelligs dates to the eighth century when the death of ‘Suibhni of Scelig’ is recorded. Skellig is referred to in the annals of the ninth and tenth centuries and its dedication to Saint Michael the Archangel appears to have happened some time before 1044 when the death of ‘Aedh of Scelic-MhichÁl’ is recorded. It is probable that this dedication to Saint Michael was celebrated by the building of Saint Michael’s church in the monastery. The church of Saint Michael was mentioned by Giraldus Cambrensis in the late twelfth century. His account of the miraculous supply of communal wine for daily Mass in St. Michael’s Church implies that the monastery was in constant occupation at that time.

Puffin Island

Puffin Island is an Irish Wildbird Conservancy reserve on a small island to the south of Valentia Island near Portmagee, County Kerry and separated from the mainland by a narrow sound. It holds some thousands of pairs of Manx Shearwaters, Storm Petrels and Puffins and smaller numbers of other breeding seabirds.


  • Tour 1 Boarding at Portmagee Marina 9 am

    Tour 2 Boarding at Portmagee Marina 12:30 pm

    Tour 3 Boarding at Portmagee Marina 16:00 pm

  • Sailing out to Skellig Islands and proceeding to Puffin Island
  • TOUR 1 Docking back into Portmagee at 11.30 am

    TOUR 2 Docking back into Portmagee at 15:00pm

    TOUR 3 Docking back into Portmagee at 18.30pm

  • Trips are weather dependent and subject to availability
  • Trips are weather dependent and  to avoid disappointment; we advise you pre-book your trip with us on Book Now subject to availability.